Introduction to the Annie Sloan Method

The new and improved Chalk Paint® 101! Have you been wanting to try Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, but aren't really sure where to start? This beginner workshop is a great starting point!!

Students will learn how to:

•Use the various Annie Sloan Brushes

•Smooth or distress a finish

•Apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax

•Subtly age or alter a finish with colored Chalk Paint® Waxes

•Use the Chalk Paint® Lacquer

•Apply Chalk Paint® liberally, leaving some slight texture and random brush marks

•Create a flat finish with minimal brush marks

•Create a finish with more texture

•Create Annie Sloan’s signature two-colored distressed finish

•Mix the paints together to create a custom color

•Adjust a color with a color wash

 Workshops: September 6th, 17th, and 20th - 10am to 12:00pm - $35/student

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Paint Your Own Piece Workshop

Have a small piece you've been wanting to paint but don't have the space to do it in? Do you already have a plan for your piece, but might like a trained Chalk Paint® expert around for some gentle guidance and helpful tips? This is the perfect workshop for you!

Come with a plan, a piece that you can (easily) carry, and we provide the rest. Use our paint, brushes, stencils, gilding wax, and other products to transform your piece into something unique and magical!

It is required that you have taken "Chalk Paint® 101" or "Introduction to the Annie Sloan Method" to make sure that you have experience with the application of this paint and wax, as this is not an instructional workshop.

September 1st, 11th, & 25th - 10am to 2pm - $45/student

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Dirty Pour Workshop

Come learn the "Dirty Pour" technique!

Pick out your colors, and then create a work of art on three canvases using three different dirty pour techniques! All materials are included, but this project does take at lest 24 hours to dry completely, so you will have to come back to apply a coat of clear wax and take your canvases home. (Which only takes a moment!)

This is a MESSY workshop, so PLEASE wear something you don't mind getting paint on!!

September 15th - 10am - 12pm Workshop

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"Adventure" Sign Workshop

"Adventure" Sign Workshop

Adventure is out there" ... so, let's begin our journey with this awesome sign!

Let out your inner Bob Ross and come paint some happy trees with us! Everything you need is included, just bring yourself and let your creativity flow!

September 7th & 21st - 5pm - 8pm Workshop

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Mason Jar Hanging Vase Workshop

Mason Jar Hanging Vase Workshop

Use Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan to create a beautiful wall hanging for your space. Painted mason jars and boards, decorative hooks, and a little rope make for the perfect decorative vase. Everything you need to add a little rustic charm to your home is included for this fun make & take workshop!

September 29th - 10am - 1pm Workshop

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