Finishing Your Project

Q. How long will it take for my new finish to harden and cure?

Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is a water-based paint. Water-based paints take approximately 30 days to harden and cure, a chemical process that takes significantly longer than drying. Chalk Paint® Soft Wax contains solvents that need to completely evaporate before it is hardened and cured. The curing process for this product may take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks or longer. All finishes prefer warm, dry conditions during the curing process. Cold temperatures, high humidity, and application thickness will extend drying and curing time substantially.

Q. How do I care for my new finish?

Furniture painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint and finished with Chalk Paint® Soft Wax will stand up very well to everyday wear and tear. Treat your furniture with respect. Allow your new finish to harden and cure 30 days or longer before placing items that may scratch the surface. Avoid excessive water and sharp or scratchy objects. Use coasters under water glasses and placemats on dining tables. Clean with a soft cloth and avoid all liquid furniture polishes. To clean marks or stains, use a slightly damp cloth or chamois with a little mild soap. If you need to use a stronger cleaner, you may have to re-wax the area. Keep away from extreme temperatures or humidity. Waxes dissolve in alcohol, so using it on bars is not advisable!

Q. What is the best way to apply Chalk Paint® Wax?

Chalk Paint® Wax is the perfect complement for Chalk Paint®. In fact, we’d say it’s an essential partner! It adds durability, deepens the colors, and gives a soft sheen. It’s really easy to get sensational results.

As a rough guide, you will need one 500ml can of wax for every 3-4 quarts of paint – of course, this will vary depending on how many coats of wax you use to cover a piece. And it’s best to have a little wax left over for touching up. With the lid tightly on, it will last indefinitely.

Less is more, so there’s no need to apply the wax thickly. When the paint is dry, brush on a thin coat of Chalk Paint® Wax, gently spreading the wax so it absorbs into the paint. Work in manageable sections at a time and remove the excess wax with a clean absorbent cloth as you go. Change to a clean cloth frequently as the one you are working with can quickly become clogged with wax and become ineffective. Let the remaining thin layer of wax dry before buffing. Drying can take as little as 10 to 20 minutes, but 2 hours or even overnight can sometimes be best. You will know when the wax is dry when the surface no longer feels cool or damp to the touch. You can then buff with soft cotton cloths.

Always apply Clear Chalk Paint® Wax before applying a darker wax. For an aged effect, push Dark Chalk Paint® Wax into crevices, and wipe it back with some clear wax to achieve your perfect result.

Chalk Paint® Wax is best on interior projects only. It is not suitable for outdoor use.

Q. I need a durable finish for my kitchen table that I can clean frequently. Our kids tend to be rough on things. What should I use?

Chalk Paint® Wax, once cured, provides a durable finish that is easy to maintain. Apply at least two coats of paint, and then two or three coats of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect your table and get the extra durability you seek. You can easily maintain your finish by simply wiping it with a soft cloth and mild soap and water, and refresh every now and again with a light application of wax. When scratches, stains, and watermarks happen to your finish, they are easily repaired with just a bit more wax rubbed into the marked area with a soft cloth.

Q. I finished my project but the color is wrong for me. Can I paint over it?

With Chalk Paint® and Chalk Paint® Wax, it’s easy to change your mind. You can simply apply another Chalk Paint® over your previous finish and then seal with additional wax.

Q. Can I apply another clear protective finish over Chalk Paint® Wax?

Once Chalk Paint® Wax is used, no other protective finish can be applied to your project. Attempting to add another coating – such as Chalk Paint® Lacquer or another varnish or even polyurethane – over a wax finish is futile.

Q. How do I apply Annie Sloan Lacquer?

Chalk Paint® Lacquer is a strong water-based varnish that is particularly good on interior wood and concrete floors that have been painted with Chalk Paint®.

As a rough guide, one litre of Chalk Paint® Lacquer will cover approximately 100-125 square feet, but this will vary according to the absorbency of the floor. Lacquer should always be applied in very thin coats. Results may also vary depending on previous treatment of the surface.

When applying Chalk Paint® Lacquer, bear in mind that it is a “penetrating” finish and can pull tannins or stains from the wood up through the new paint layers. This can be especially noticeable on whites, manifesting as a yellow stain. Always test your Chalk Paint® and Lacquer on several areas before you begin your project. If a stain appears, apply one or two thin coats of clear shellac over the entire surface before painting.

Stir well before and during use. For larger projects, mix your cans of Lacquer together into one larger container and stir well to help ensure a consistent sheen across your entire surface.

Apply two thin coats with a quality sponge roller or brush for even sheen and durability. A small amount of water (up to 10%) can be added to Lacquer for the first coat, and the second coat should be applied full strength. Let the first coat dry one to two hours before recoating, and leave the final coat to dry overnight before walking on it.

When dry, Chalk Paint® Lacquer gives a beautiful matte finish with a slight sheen for added strength.

Chalk Paint® Lacquer is not suitable for outdoor use or in areas of high water such as bathrooms.