Colors, Colors Everywhere!

You know by now how we feel about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. We love it! This amazing paint is easy to apply with little to no prep, and lends itself to many techniques not easily used with other paints.

One of the reasons that we love Chalk Paint® is the options in color. There is a color for every occasion. Looking for a mellow off white? Perhaps Cream is the color you are looking for. How about something bold and passionate? Emperor’s Silk might catch your eye. There are a LOT of options!


Sometimes, the color combination you’re looking for is a little more nuanced. That’s alright! The paints mix together quite well. The easiest application to this is darkening your paint by mixing it with Graphite, or lightening it by adding Pure White. The picture below is all of the available colors, along with the colors mixed at a 1:1 ratio of Pure White.


There is so much room for creativity, though. Here's another chart, but this one mixes all the colors at a 1:1 ratio with the beautiful Emperor's Silk.


Pretty cool, huh?

There are a lot of recipes out there to try out, and we thought that we would share a few that we had found. 


There is a lot of creativity to be found with Chalk Paint®. If color mixing isn't enough, there's always the different types of finishing wax that we carry. While we do have Clear, we also carry Dark, Black, and White. For an idea of how waxes affect the finished product, here is a sample of Clear Wax next to Dark Wax.


Interested in learning other techniques? Check out one of our workshops. They're a lot of fun, and incredibly informative. The more you know, the more room you have to be creative.